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  1. In the vSphere Client, power off the virtual machine.
  2. Right-click the Virtual Gateway VM and select Edit Settings.
    The configuration is displayed for the Virtual Gateway.
  3. Change the disk size to be greater that than it was. The maximum disk size is dependent on the virtual gateway license.
    For an EV16 license the maximum is 16TB.
    For an EV32 license the maximum is 32TB.
    For an EV64 license the maximum is 64TB.
    For an EV128 license the maximum is 128TB.
    Note: A VMware ESXi host limits disks to a maximum of 62TB. To support storage greater than 62TB, you need to create multiple disks, each less than 62TB and then create an array of these disks in RAID 0.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Power on the virtual machine and follow the instructions in Increasing a Volume Size When Additional Storage is Available for the Volume.