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The Kernel Exchange SuiteA third-party tool recommended by CTERA to restore individual files from a CTERA backup of Microsoft Exchange. For details, see The Kernel Exchange Brick Level Add-on.

You can configure a CTERA Cloud Storage Gateway for monitoring using SNMP to gather a wide range of information. See SNMP Supported MIBs for links to the supported MIBs.

Ansible zip



Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment tool. CTERA uses Ansible to enable upgrading all the servers for a CTERA Portal at the same time. Download the zip both AnsiblePackage and AnsibleScripts and follow the instructions in the Upgrading CTERA Portal in the latest CTERA Portal release notes (starting from version 6.0.685) or in the CTERA Portal Installation and Maintenance Guide.