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Q: When can a single PC generate more than one connection?
A: One case is multiple users logged in to the same PC, each one accessing the gateway. This can happen on a PC used by multiple users, or an application running as a privileged user on the PC. A Also, opening multiple connections for the same user on the same IP but on different ports (as a Citrix server might do) will also create multiple connections. A less common case is access to the same gateway via both IP and name, for example, opening two Windows Explorer windows, one towards, for example,, and the other towards, with both reaching the same device.


Q: Is the maximum number of users specified in the gateway datasheets the same as the connection limit?
A: No. The premise is that not all users are connected and reading from the gateway or writing to the gateway at the same time.

CTERA Virtual Gateway ( Edge Filer (Gateway) Configurations