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CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways seamlessly combine collaboration capabilities, local storage, cloud storage, and data protection functionality in a single, cost-effective package.

Cloud storage gateways are available both as software-based virtual gateways in a virtual environment and as C-Series gateways, C200, C400, C800 and C800+ gateways, which are physical appliances that offer the same capabilities as the virtual gateways. In addition, the HC1200 gateway is a virtual gateway running under a VMware ESXI hypervisor on a physical server.

All gateways enable you to do the following:

  • Share files across your network
  • Synchronize folders across your network and the cloud, including keeping the main storage on the cloud with stubs saved on the gateway.
  • A stub is a file with a tiny footprint that contains the metadata about the file, such as the file name, size, and modification date. Only the folder and file metadata and not the actual file content is saved locally.
  • Back up files on line, securely and automatically
  • Restore multiple file versions
  • Access backed-up files from anywhere, using a web browser

Using the storage gateway, connected to a CTERA Portal, data is synchronized between your computer and the cloud storage gateway drives, then transparently saved to a portal in the cloud.

This section includes How-tos for the CTERA Cloud Storage Gateway.

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