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The INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class is suitable for objects larger than 128 KB that you plan to store for at least 30 days. The storage class stores objects in two access tiers: one tier that is optimized for frequent access and another lower-cost tier that is optimized for infrequently accessed data. Amazon S3 monitors access patterns of the objects in the storage class and moves data on a granular object level that has not been accessed for 30 consecutive days to the infrequent access tier.
With intelligent tiering, you are charged a monthly monitoring and automation fee per object instead of retrieval fees. If an object in the infrequent access tier is accessed, it is automatically moved back to the frequent access tier, but no fees are applied when objects are moved between access tiers within the INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class.
The bigger the block size, the larger the savings. CTERA recommends using the INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class when the block size is set to 1MB or larger. If the block size is less than 1MB, contact CTERA support to see whether there is a saving.

Step-by-step guide

To transition storage to intelligent tiering storage: