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To upgrade CTERA portal, CTERA recommends using the latest portal image for your environment.

Some of the new features and resolved issues in the portal software require installing the portal image 6.0.512.3 or higher.

You must upgrade the portal image before upgrading the portal software. For full details about how to upgrade both the portal image and the portal software, refer to the upgrade section in the CTERA Portal Installation Guide relevant for your platform.

Before upgrading a portal running on vSphere ESXi, make sure that the VMXNET3 virtual network device is being used.

Folder groups with a block size greater than 4MB are not supported in CTERA Portal 6.0. If you have an existing portal with folder groups greater than 4MB, you are prompted to confirm the upgrade. After upgrading, folders with a block size greater than 4MB are not accessible from CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways nor from CTERA Agents. The folder group size is configured in the settings for the portal and on upgrade it is changed to 4MB.

You can run the following queries on the portal database before upgrading to verify folder groups with a block size larger the 4MB.

Step-by-step guide

To locate folder groups with an average block size greater than 4MB, including total files of each gid:

SELECT FG.*, AS "Portal_name", case when MyTotalFiles.total_files is null then '0' else MyTotalFiles.total_files end FROM base_objects bo,(SELECT AS "folder_group",bo.uid AS FG_ID,bo.portal_id AS "portal_id",((xpath('//att[@id="averageBlockSizeKb"]/val/text ()', XMLPARSE(DOCUMENT xml_field)))[1]::text::integer) AS FG_BLOCK,((xpath('//att[@id="encryptionMode"]/val/text ()', XMLPARSE(DOCUMENT xml_field)))[1]::text::text) AS Password_protected_or_not FROM base_objects bo WHERE bo.uid IN (SELECT UID FROM folders_groups) AND bo.is_deleted=FALSE) AS FG left join (SELECT folder_group_id AS gid,sum(total_files) AS total_files FROM folders_statistics WHERE folder_group_id IN (SELECT UID FROM folders_groups)GROUP BY 1) AS MyTotalFiles on FG.FG_ID=MyTotalFiles.gid WHERE FG.FG_ID IN(SELECT UID FROM base_objects WHERE TYPE='com.ctera.db.objects.FoldersGroup' AND FG.portal_id=portal_id) AND bo.uid=FG.portal_id AND FG.FG_BLOCK > 4096

To locate virtual portals that include folder groups with an average block size greater than 4MB: 

select * from (select name as "portal_name", uid as Portal_ID ,((xpath('//att[@id="averageBlockSizeKb"]/val/text ()', XMLPARSE(DOCUMENT xml_field)))[1]::text::integer) as AVG_BLOCK_SIZE from base_objects where uid in (select uid from portals) and is_deleted=false) as PG where PG.AVG_BLOCK_SIZE > 4096;

To locate null portal_id columns that will fail during the portal upgrade to 6.0: 

select * from folders_statistics where portal_id is null;

If there are no folder groups with an average block size greater than 4MB, these queries return empty.

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