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You can configure a CTERA Edge Filer (gateway) for monitoring using SNMP to gather a wide range of information.

The following MIBs are supported:

MIB-II (IF-MIB): Basic description of the monitored system, such as the system name, uptime, and network interfaces. For details of this MIB, refer to and
HOST-RESOURCES-MIB: Computer management information, hardware and software configuration, such as information regarding system initialization, processes, storage, memory, processors, and devices. For details of this MIB, refer to
UCD-SNMP-MIB: system performance data, such as system statistics and performance. For details of this MIB, refer to

For an H-Series edge filer running on an HPE ProLiant server, you can use the System Insight Manager MIBs to monitor the HPE ProLiant server:

The MIBs are stored on the SNMP server on the gateway. You can monitor the gateway MIBs using a management tool, such as the tool from

For more details, refer to USING SNMP MONITORING in the CTERA Edge Filer (Gateway) Administrator Guide.