Mapping the PC to the gateway enables access to your files using a file manager. When the gateway is remote, the connection is via a CTERA Portal, so the gateway must be connected to a portal.

Step-by-step guide

From Windows

To mount a local CTERA gateway share:

Note: For Windows 7 PCs you must install an update, as described in

  1. Open Windows Explorer and right-click This PC.
  2. Select Map network drive.
  3. Choose a drive letter from the Drive drop-down enter your local gateway IP address in the Folder field, with the following syntax: \\(IP Address)\Share_Name
  4. Check Connect using different credentials.
  5. Click Finish.

To access the CTERA Gateway share:

  1. In Windows Explorer, click the drive letter for the share.
  2. Enter the credentials for the gateway for the user set up in the gateway.
  3. Click OK.

File Exploreris refreshed with the shares in the gateway.

From Mac

To mount a local CTERA gateway share:

  1. Open Finder  click Go and select Connect to server.
  2. Enter your local gateway IP address in the Server address field, with the following syntax: \\(IP Address)\Share_Name
  3. Click Connect.
  4. You are prompted for your user name and password to access the portal.

  5. Enter your user name and password and click Connect.

Finder is refreshed with the shares in the gateway.

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