File in use: <file> is Locked for Editing by ’another user’

When accessing Microsoft Office type files from a CTERA Gateway Appliance over the network, user receives a message that says:

File in Use

Info.docx is locked for editing

by 'another user'.

Open 'Read-Only' or click 'Notify' to open read-only and receive notification when the document is no longer in use.

File In Use

Could be one or more of the following:
1. Windows Search Indexing of network shares
2. Preview Pane
3. Details Pane


1. Disable Windows Search Indexing
2. Disable Preview Pane
3. Disable Details Pane

For more information on the subject please refer to this Technet post:

If Mac OS X clients are involved, you may need to disable Preview Column on the Mac as well:
In the Finder, View Menu: Show View Options: Uncheck the box next to Show Preview Column.

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