Enable Agent Debug Logs
  • 12 Apr 2022
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Enable Agent Debug Logs

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You can change the logging level of the CTEA Agent from the CTERA Edge Filer that it is connected to.

Note: The following procedure is for an agent connected to a 6.0.x edge filer and not to a 7.0.x edge filer.

Step-by-step guide

To enable local logging of the CTERA Agent from the CTERA Gateway:

  1. Log in to the gateway with an administrator account.
  2. Navigate to the hidden CLI page: Use the Agent Command Line Interface (CLI)
  3. Under CLI Execution, enter the following command to enable debug logging: agent dbg level [level1] [level2] ... [leveln] where level1 ...leveln can be:
    aapi = 0x00000020 – api calls sent for an action
    alert = 0x00020000 – log from alert messages
    apps = 0x04000000
    auth = 0x00200000 – SSO: communication with Kerberos
    av = 0x00080000
    backup = 0x00000800 – cloud backup and sync
    caching = 0x20000000
    cbck = 0x00040000
    cloud_extender = 0x02000000
    collaboration = 0x00800000
    cttp = 0x00004000 – cttp connection: suspected bad communication to the portal
    cttp_data = 0x00008000
    db = 0x00001000
    debug = 0x00000004 – log from debug messages
    dns = 0x00000200 – DNS communication
    error = 0x00000001 – log form error messages
    error_abort = 0x01000000
    evictor = 0x08000000 – eviction of cached data
    evictor_verbose = 0x10000000 – eviction of cached data
    files = 0x00002000
    http = 0x00000100
    index = 0x00100000
    info = 0x00000003 – log from info messages
    license = 0x00400000 – the licensing from the portal
    none = 0x00000000 – no logging
    ntp = 0x00000400 – NTP connectivity
    process = 0x00000008 – disk level or application backup
    rsync = 0x00010000 – file level backup
    samba = 0x00000010 – SSO: communication with Active Directory
    storage = 0x00000040 – storage processes (repair (fsck), scrubbing)
    upload = 0x00000080
    warning = 0x00000002 – log from warning messages
  4. Enter the following command to set the Agent debug level to debug backup: dbg level debug backup
    CTERA Support may recommend different debug levels.
    For example, dbg level debug storage backup sets the level to debug for storage and backup

The log file is located in Windows in: C:\ProgramData\CTERA\CTERA Agent\log
In Mac OS X and Linux, the log file is in: /var/log/

To turn off agent debug logging, run:  dbg level none

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