Understanding Edge Filer Log Messages
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Understanding Edge Filer Log Messages

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CTERA products generate log messages upon various events. The log messages are divided by severity levels.

SeverityRequired Response
EmergencySystem is unusable.
AlertAction must be taken immediately.
ErrorError condition. Action must be taken as soon as possible.
WarningWarning messages. An indication that an error may occur if action is not taken.
NoticeNormal but significant condition.
InfoInformational message.
DebugDebug-level messages, useful for debugging and troubleshooting.

Within each severity level, the log messages are divided in to topics. These topics enable you to understand the source of the message. For example, messages dealing with signing-in are included in the access topic.

Log messages are divided in to the following topics:

  • Access
  • Antivirus
  • Agent
  • Audit
  • Backup
  • Cloud sync
  • Files
  • Sync
  • System

To support old versions of the edge filer, log messages that no longer apply are included. For example, Agent related messages are not relevant for the most recent versions of the CTERA Edge Filer.

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