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  • 16 Jun 2022
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Download Center

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This page is the CTERA download center for CTERA documentation and software such as .adm files.
Download the latest version of the CTERA Drive (Agent) from the portal or gateway.
For portal and gateway software, contact CTERA sales.

CTERA Products



CTERA Drive (Agent) installation
CTERA Drive (Agent) Interoperability
A CTERA Agent is a secure file access, collaboration and data protection services for remote laptops, desktops, and servers. Download the latest version from the portal.

CTERA Drive Connect

Windows and macOS Versions (download links at the bottom of the page)

CTERA Drive Connect enables you to easily view all files on your CTERA Portal storage in Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder.
CTERA Edge Filer (Gateway) installation
CTERA Edge Filer Interoperability
A CTERA Edge Filer (Gateway) is an all-in-one storage, backup and file sharing solution across dispersed enterprises, available as physical or virtual devices. For gateway software, contact CTERA sales.
CTERA Portal installation
CTERA Portal and Mobile Interoperability
The CTERA Portal is a scalable cloud service delivery platform, including file sharing and syncing, backup and mobile collaboration. For portal software, contact CTERA sales.
ctera-agent.admThe agent deployment settings for centrally installing CTERA Drive Protect (Agents) via Active Directory.
ctera-mount.admTo map cloud drive folders to specific letters.
ctera-vdi.admTo use CTERA Agent (CTERA Drive) in a VDI environment.
exported_images.tar.gzThe portal image requires packages for syslog functionality for offline servers. During a portal image installation, these packages are downloaded from the Internet and automatically installed. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can install these packages manually, using an archive file (approximately 700MB).

Third-Party Products



Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment tool. CTERA uses Ansible to enable upgrading all the servers for a CTERA Portal at the same time. Download both AnsiblePackage and AnsibleScripts and follow the instructions in the CTERA Portal Installation and Maintenance Guide.
The Kernel Exchange SuiteA third-party tool recommended by CTERA to restore individual files from a CTERA backup of Microsoft Exchange. For details, see The Kernel Exchange Brick Level Add-on.
You can configure a CTERA Cloud Storage Gateway for monitoring using SNMP to gather a wide range of information. See USING SNMP MONITORING in the online help or SNMP Supported MIBs for more information.

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