Exporting Reports to Excel
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Exporting Reports to Excel

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You can export a report to a comma separated values (*.csv) Microsoft Excel file on your computer.

The report is exported to your computer. The report includes more detailed than the details displayed in the Reports page.

To export a report to Microsoft Excel:

  1. In the global administration view, select Main > Reports in the navigation pane.
    The Reports page is displayed.
  2. Select the report to export, Portal or Storage, from the View drop-down list.
  3. Click Export to Excel.

For the Portals report the following information is displayed.

NameThe virtual portal name.
QuotaThe storage quota allocated to this virtual portal in bytes in the plan, if set. This is logical storage, before any deduplication, versioning, or compression.
For reseller portals this is calculated as the sum of quotas of all the users in the portal.
AllocatedThe amount of logical storage that is currently used by this portal in bytes before any deduplication, versioning or compression. It is limited by Quota.
Current Snapshot FilesThe count size of files that are in the current snapshot, the live file system, not including previous versions or deleted files.
Current Snapshot SizeThe amount of storage currently used in this virtual portal.
The value is the logical storage before any deduplication, versioning and compression.
SnapshotsThe total number of snapshots.
PhysicalThe size of the storage required for all the snapshots in bytes, in the object storage, after deduplication and compression.
All Snapshot FilesThe total number of files in all the snapshots.
All Snapshot SizeThe size of the storage for this virtual portal in the storage node for all the snapshots after deduplication and compression.
Files In UploadThe number of files currently being uploaded.
Files In Upload (Size)The size of the files currently being uploaded.
In TrashcanThe number of deleted files in the trashcan in the virtual portal. These files can be restored.
Deleted onThe date the files were deleted.
Deleted byThe user who deleted the files.

For the Storage report the following information is displayed.

NameThe name of the storage node.
TypeThe storage node type.
Mapfile OverheadThe total space consumed by the mapfiles for this storage node.
Total MapfilesThe total number of mapfiles in this storage node.
In Upload MapfilesThe number of mapfiles of files that are currently in upload, or files that have been partially uploaded and are incomplete.
Missing MapfilesThe number of missing mapfiles in this storage node.
Blocks Storage SpaceThe total space consumed by blocks and file maps in this storage node, in TB. In normal situations this is expected to be equal to the storage space reported as used by the storage node. In case of discrepancy, contact CTERA support.
Uploaded BlocksThe total number of blocks in this storage node.
In Upload BlocksThe total size of blocks that are currently being uploaded, or belonging to incomplete files that have been partially uploaded.
Missing BlocksThe number of missing blocks in this storage node.
Read OnlyWhether the storage node is read only or not.

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