Managing the CTERA Messaging Service
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Managing the CTERA Messaging Service

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The CTERA Messaging Service enables sending notifications from the portal to various consumers, for example the Varonis Data Security Platform and the Edge Filer Syslog service, which are connectors running on top of the CTERA Messaging Service. Some features such as managing local quotas on edge filers also require the CTERA Messaging Service.

Notifications are sent asynchronously in the background and are created in real-time from portal events.

Messaging tasks can be performed in the global administration view only.

CTERA Messaging Service Requirements

The CTERA Messaging service must be installed on CTERA Portal application servers and not on preview servers.

For port requirements, see Port Requirements.

For production environments that use the messaging service, the CTERA Portal must include three application servers defined as messaging servers, that are neither the main, primary, database server nor the replication, secondary, server. For each messaging server you must add an extra 16GB RAM to the server RAM and a minimum of 250GB storage.

For a POC, small, or test environment, with a single server deployment, the requirement is a 64-bit virtual machine with 4 vCPU, 32GB RAM, 250GB SSD storage.


In a test deployment with messaging, you specify the primary database server as the messaging server. If you defined more than one server for the test deployment, you cannot set the primary database server.


CTERA recommends contacting your CTERA account manager to ensure correct sizing.

Ports Required for Messaging

The following ports must be opened between the CTERA Portal servers. These ports do not require Internet access.

22, 443TCPInternal communication between CTERA Portal servers
2800-9999TCPInternal communication between CTERA Portal servers
12181TCPInternal communication between CTERA Portal servers
18682TCPOnly required when a Preview server is used
19092TCPInternal communication between CTERA Portal servers
39092TCPInternal communication between CTERA Portal servers

To move from a small POC environment to a production environment, see Moving From a Single Server Environment to a Multiple Server Environment.

Enabling the CTERA Messaging Service

Before you can set up the CTERA Messaging Service in the user interface, you must first initialize the messaging components by running the following CLI: set /settings/platformServicesSetting/enabled true

Initializing the messaging components takes a few minutes.

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