Opening CTERA Drive Connect
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Opening CTERA Drive Connect

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To open CTERA Drive Connect:

  • Windows: In Windows search look for CTERA Drive Connect and click the App.
  • macOS: In Finder select Applications and then double-click CTERA Drive Connect from the list.

The CTERA Drive Connect icon is added to the Windows taskbar, image.png, or macOS menu bar, image.png. Click this icon to open the CTERA Drive Connect menu.


Use this menu to do any of the following:

  • Pause or resume syncing of local content with the CTERA Portal. CTERA recommends not pausing the sync with the CTERA Portal.
  • List the recently touched files.
  • Clear the menu of the list of recently touched files.
  • Open a connection with a CTERA Portal.
  • Search for a specific connection.
  • Display information about CTERA Drive Connect, such as open source licensing.
  • Configure your preferences for CTERA Drive Connect.
  • Access the online help for CTERA Drive Connect.
  • Leave CTERA Drive Connect.

When reopening CTERA Drive Connect, if Save Workspace is checked in Preferences > General, as recommended by CTERA, connections to CTERA Portal are reopened.

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